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Welcome to Scott Hummel Interactive

This blog will serve to document my work as a PHP developer who specializes in the Zend, CodeIgniter and Laravel frameworks. It will host my portfolio as well as provide a portal for potential new clients and/or employers to contact. However, I am not entertaining offers from other employers at this time.

In 2010, I was the featured web developer at the Art Institute of Phoenix portfolio show. I was recruited from that show by Universal Laser Systems, a Scottsdale manufacturing company. During my three years there, I served as their web developer, building several websites in the CodeIgniter framework. I also built one website in Backbone, using Laravel as my back-end.

My first website for Universal was their OEM website, which reaches potential customers worldwide in 10 different languages. The website features one-click language selection and a jQuery-based configurator tool. Next up was the global website, which also served customers worldwide, but in 13 different languages. The challenge with this website was to build a single codebase which could serve customers at whichever of 20 different domains it was deployed.

The final website I built for Universal was a contact manager app, which allowed incoming leads to managed and handled spam so that staff was not impacted by the high volume of spam the company receives. Leads could be flagged in various ways and then turned over to the appropriate staff members with a single click. Backbone proved an excellent choice for this because pages almost never had to be refreshed, providing a software-like app.

In 2013, I left Universal for another opportunity. I landed at Spear Education, which provides online continuing education for aesthetic and restorative dentists. Working in the Zend framework, I have built many key components for the company — both for users as well as company employees, as the site features an extensive back-end for staff. Some of these tasks were database intensive, whereas other were jQuery-intensive.